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Everyone Remain Calm – The Future is Bright

In November I wrote a blog post about my hair brained scheme to build a project that see’s primary school children learn about Coeliac Disease through ‘inclusivity’ sessions like the one Peggy held at her school last year (‘Food For All At School’ or is it just a daydream? ). The general gist of this idea is that, by learning about the issues of those … Continue reading Everyone Remain Calm – The Future is Bright

‘Food For All At School’ or is it just a daydream?

Do you ever have that thought in your head that won’t go away? Like an itch you’ve got to scratch. A niggling thought that, over time (and countless episodes of staring out the window in a daydream) evolves into an all consuming ‘thing’ that you need to do ‘something’ about – but you’re not sure what? I feel like that about the ‘Coeliac Awareness’ afternoon … Continue reading ‘Food For All At School’ or is it just a daydream?

Gluten-free for a week

Tuesday 25th September 2018. A year since Peggys diagnosis of Coeliac Disease. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things recently (mainly cake thanks to GBBO) but also reflecting upon how much the food landscape has changed in the past 12 months since diagnosis. The free-from aisles seem longer, restaurant menus have gluten-free options (and sometimes more than one!), gluten-free recipes pop up in my … Continue reading Gluten-free for a week

Little Coeliacs at School

It’s finally here.  After counting down the sleeps the Summer holidays are in sniffing distance.  Year 1 will be remembered for being the year she lost her first tooth, learnt to tell the time, was ‘Narrator 11’ in the nativity, discovered ‘Horrid Henry’ books had words like ‘Bogey’ and ‘Poo’ in them (so started to read herself to sleep at night), wrote her first story, … Continue reading Little Coeliacs at School

Gluten Free in 2038

Dear Peggy   Today you are 6 years, 2 months and 23 days old.  You have long legs, mousey brown hair (with flashes of blond from the sunshine), have a scar on your forehead from a sugar induced, high speed, head on collision with a cupboard at a party and have blue eyes which are the same colour as ‘Forget-Me-Nots’ (I had to google ‘light … Continue reading Gluten Free in 2038

6 Life Hacks For Coping With A Gluten Free And Low Fibre Diet

“Christ, will we ever eat out again?” my actual reaction to the GP’s somber delivery of the news that our 5 year old’s recent blood test indicated Coeliac Disease.  A reaction you might consider selfish (I could visualise yet another ‘X’ being struck through a social event on our “Dogs In Hilarious Poses” family calendar).  Let me throw a little background in here before I’m … Continue reading 6 Life Hacks For Coping With A Gluten Free And Low Fibre Diet